Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bison and assorted Yorkshire Fauna

Two new spots in York!
Well, new for me.

Belgium beer under the eaves in the House of Trembling Madness...

(Strawberry beer for example. Appropriate and much more lovely than it sounds. Really.)

Many beers, old beams, a view of the minster, taxidermy, .. do you need anything else?

And, would you believe it, fab coffee and super cute company (that would be you, Pirate) at Bison coffee.(and here too.)
Ahh, wish they had been here when I lived around the corner. 


There is live music on occasion. They even sell some tempting vintage items - but in true English shopkeeping tradition it's not entirely obvious whether or not you're allowed to buy any of it. Subtle, that's what it is.

  York is full of wonders and these are but two of them....

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