Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Work it

I wouldn't call what I've been doing lately "making Jewellery" but that is what I have been up to.  The new pieces don't contain any precious metals or jewels.  I feel like calling them "neckpieces" or something similar?

I sometimes feel frivolous producing cushions or "neckpieces" or collages or whatever... After all, as they say, I'm not saving the world.

But I feel so much better when I'm making these things rather than just having the ideas cluttering up my mind.
Much better.

Anyway, thinking about the "why" of making led me back to what gets my brain ticking over with ideas in the first place.

Russia, Vietnam, Peru, Africa, yep ok even England (Morris dancers...) Colour and joy and damn it, frivolity in their clothes and jewellery and textiles and beads and jingly ribboned bell things (that's them Morris dancers).

You can't get away from it - no doubt a gene for it - we love adorning ourselves and what's around us. Obviously a universal thing and there's no avoiding it.

So I can just get over it and get on with making it.  

Much to be learned from my little boy - his painting opens this post. He just gets on with it and isn't it great work!

More colour inspiration here and if you really need to.. some Morris Dancers here and here.

Thanks to Boom Gallery too for stocking my latest work. Hope to get some in my shop soon too. 

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