Sunday, 24 June 2012


As promised, cozy interiors....


We have a Russian duvet in my Family that is known as the "brick doona".
It's so chock full of feathers that you are pinned under it like it's full of bricks.
I know that might not sound like a good thing.
But it is. 
I love it.
 I feel like a bear hibernating underneath it. 

As is this.. Less traditional, just as lovely.


Scottish ski lodge? Yes please.

All treasures found in the always amazing World of Interiors.  
No.1 from a home that was happily rescued and rebuilt for posterity in Bavaria.  See here. Photo B and R Stoeltie.
No.2 Design here.  photo Henry Wilson.
No.3 Oh for a Scottish ski lodge... Design here.
photo Tom Mannion

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