Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Its a bit terrifying this blogging business sometimes.  A tiny bit frustrating too sometimes as I'm learning as I go - as must be obvious to you from this slightly dodgy collage that I've put together here. Apologies. 
I'm sure I'll improve - eventually. Practice and all that.
Anyway, nothing dodgy about this fabric I found! Such a rich blue it seems edible, almost lavender but definately blue.  Complete with nostalgic little 2/6 price tag.  Its Lanvin blue (the fabric) and I'm sure it was inspired by Jeanne's bedroom.  Totally over the top (her bedroom) in blue shantang with white details embroidered and plastered on.  I found some pictures of her apartment in a World of Interiors mag (Nov2006 if you must know).   Decorated in the 1920s - crazy days!

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